Convicted Killer Derek Chauvin Isn’t the Only Problem. We Need More than One Solution.

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It shouldn’t have taken America ten hours of jury deliberation, 14 days of trial, and 45 witnesses to unanimously decide whether or not to convict a murderer of murder.

And Americans shouldn’t be debating with any seriousness whether a Black woman’s words are more dangerous than a white man’s violence. Because during the Derek Chauvin trial yet another unarmed Black man was murdered by another cop. Daunte Wright. Yet another protest erupted. Minneapolis.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is now under fire and possible censure for her remarks that protestors should “get more confrontational” if Chauvin is acquitted of murdering George Floyd…

And neither do you

Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump. West Palm Beach, FL. 2019. All rights © Gage Skidmore

I owe the dead nothing more than I owe the living.

And if you were a coal-burning furnace of racism and misogyny while you were living and breathing I do not owe you graveside reverence you did not earn. Stating facts about a deeply flawed man does not equate tap-dancing on his coffin.

The litmus test for my morality is not whether or not I speak in hushed tones about a recently deceased bigot. It is not my ethical obligation to only speak of a bigot’s best qualities while politely ignoring the career he built around selling hate. I don’t…

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The victims of COVID-19 and the families left behind deserve what little solace we can offer them. They died by neglect, by ego-inflamed ignorance that amounts to domestic terrorism. Where’s their 9/11 memorial?

Help me out with my calculations here, math majors. If The Vietnam Wall is approximately 150 meters long and memorializes some 58,000 souls, how far would we have to build in order to commemmorate all of our fellow Americans who lost their lives to incompetence in service to an aspiring autocrat?

The Vietnam Wall varies in height from 10 feet at its peak down to just eight…

All rights © Darren Halstead. Washington, DC

Anthropologist Margaret Mead famously said a healed femur bone was the first evidence of human civilization. Not mere existence, but civilized society. That excavated bone — the proof that someone somewhere had healed an injured member of their tribe, helped them survive while they couldn’t contribute to the whole, would be followed by stone tools and bronze jewelry, ceramics, writing implements, art, and evidence of the evolution from nomadism to agricultural societies to industrialization.

And when the space archeologists of the future return from Elon Musk’s Martian pod colony to excavate Trump’s America they will find metaphors among the ruins…

Senj, Kroatien. All rights © Ante Hamersmit

We will never achieve equality if only moms are telling only their daughters, You can be anything you want to be when you grow up. Yes. Every generation this becomes more true. But it will never be universal if the workplace changes but the homefront never does.

Dads must tell their sons, You need to do half the household management and half the housework. They need to model it. Our shared cultural values need to reflect that a “real man” pulls his weight at home. …

Journalists, editors — check your headlines

All rights © Elliott Stallion

This week The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, the LA Times and many other outlets used inaccurate terminology in their objective reporting.

The California Republican Party is acting in violation of the Secretary of State and County Elections offices when they purposely set up dummy dropboxes — even if they’re ostensibly to help “transfer” ballots to official elections offices.

This is nefarious.

This is unconscionable.

It is illegal.

And depending on your state, it can also be a felony.

The reported news angle should be that (otherwise?) law-abiding citizens deliberately interfered with democracy and created diversionary tactics to steal…

I’m not sure what kind of Win you think it is that a supreme court justice nominee had zero notes during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings today.

I gave a presentation to my own Rotary club tonight via Zoom. It was about branding and online outreach. And I had notes to make sure I didn’t forget anything. The stakes couldn’t be more different. But you can be damn sure I brought notes to every job interview I’ve had since college.

Amy Coney Barrett’s smug performance with blank paper doesn’t read that differently than Trump’s pitifully staged photo op when he…

Only two words of Burr’s SNL monologue were controversial

All rights © Sincerely Media

Bill burr’s SNL monologue wasn’t that controversial — save for just two teeny tiny words. Two mere syllables with too much history.

My bitches.

He’s absolutely right. When Burr called out white women for hijacking the “woke” movement he wasn’t wrong. He wasn’t saying anything controversial. He asked how white women jumped the line and how so many have hijacked the fight for equality when so many of us enjoy so much more privilege than women of color.

Our grotesque history of white women accusing innocent Black men of rape needs to be known by all. It needs to be…

All rights @ roya ann miller. Edits mine.

The Cockwomble in Chief continues to politicize science as though it were a partisan conspiracy just to undermine him. As though science were something he could argue.

Yet he doesn’t want to participate in the only public appearance he should because the debate commission reformated it to keep him from breaking every blessed last rule. Even when suddenly pandering to “vulnerable” seniors, when he miraculously uttered the words “And so am I”, his pride simply will not allow him to accept responsibility for anything.

No one should be surprised that he’s refusing to participate in a virtual debate. …

Let’s not acquiesce by exhaustion

All rights © Aarón Blanco Tejedor. Utö, Finland.

The Democrats say the Republicans no longer have a platform. But if there’s one thing the Trump administration and the Trump family consistently excel at it’s outrage fatigue. Outrage is their strategy and their 2020 platform. Our society has a famously short attention span but the news cycle has shortened and accelerated even more.

Remember that famous episode of I Love Lucy? With the chocolates speeding up on the assembly line?

2020 is like that. But instead of bite-sized chocolates, it’s crises. We just can’t keep up.

Every talk show, every pundit panel and all of print media could’ve spent…

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