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How to Support Women Who Are Sick of Bad Guys

All rights © Clay Banks; Edits mine

We told him everything. The keys between our fingers in parking lots, checking your backseat before getting in the car, waiting until the garage door closes all the way before going into the house. We told him about supervisors who abused their authority and dates who pushed us farther than we wanted to go.

We explained how Gavin de Becker taught us to listen to our survival instincts instead of the social conditioning to be polite above all else — even our own safety. …

And I ask you, anti-vaxxer — what about my rights? What about the rights of children who aren’t old enough to get vaccinated? What about the immunocompromised who can’t get vaccinated? Are they not as American as you? Do they not have a right to live? Does our Constitution not protect them too?

This is not for the Covid deniers. There is nothing I can say to reason with them. This question is for the Covid minimizers.

Yes. You are free to not get the vaccine. You are free to infect others. You are free to kill me. …

For the Bible tells me so …

All rights © Patrick Fore

My Heaven-bound Christian friend, where does your hatred come from? I see you seethe about personal freedoms and rage against science as though you have no other obligations in your Christ-centered life. If you are living your faith, where is your duty? I believe in your rights but I also believe in your responsibility. Your freedom ends where the rights of others begin.

God speaks clearly about our responsibilities in His kingdom. Jesus speaks unequivocally about loving one another. Christianity does not exempt Christians from getting vaccinated — it actually calls you to get vaccinated for the greater good.


All rights © Danist Soh

Maybe Heaven smells like cinnamon and secondhand books. Or chiles en nogada. Or tikka masala. I don’t know. But I do know there is no money, there are no mosquitos, and when Mary Oliver isn’t writing she’s picking blueberries with Pablo Neruda. Jaime Sabines is smoking in a hammock. Jesus is eating mangos with Mohammed and playing games of chess neither of them wants to win. Every game ends in a stalemate so they flip the board over to play backgammon.

I know it’s not just white robes and white clouds and hierarchies of angels but the fig trees stretching…

Tocantins, Brazil. All rights © Vald Tchompalov

An Afghan man falls from a cargo plane heading to Qatar. A bird’s nest falls from a walnut tree in a sing-song ravine.

Another Afghan falls from the C-17. A teenager the whole world mourns because the media made him human. Zaki Anwari was a real person. This young man was a soccer player and now he’s not. He will never get to be anything now.

One black butterfly wings through the ravine with soft shocks of iridescent blue.

Every news outlet reports the finding of “human remains” in the landing gear.

An afternoon storm blows rain in sideways through…

Convicted Killer Derek Chauvin Isn’t the Only Problem. We Need More than One Solution.

All rights © Tito Texidor III

It shouldn’t have taken America ten hours of jury deliberation, 14 days of trial, and 45 witnesses to unanimously decide whether or not to convict a murderer of murder.

And Americans shouldn’t be debating with any seriousness whether a Black woman’s words are more dangerous than a white man’s violence. Because during the Derek Chauvin trial yet another unarmed Black man was murdered by another cop. Daunte Wright. Yet another protest erupted. Minneapolis.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is now under fire and possible censure for her remarks that protestors should “get more confrontational” if Chauvin is acquitted of murdering George Floyd…

And neither do you

Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump. West Palm Beach, FL. 2019. All rights © Gage Skidmore

I owe the dead nothing more than I owe the living.

And if you were a coal-burning furnace of racism and misogyny while you were living and breathing I do not owe you graveside reverence you did not earn. Stating facts about a deeply flawed man does not equate tap-dancing on his coffin.

The litmus test for my morality is not whether or not I speak in hushed tones about a recently deceased bigot. It is not my ethical obligation to only speak of a bigot’s best qualities while politely ignoring the career he built around selling hate. I don’t…

All rights © derekskey

The victims of COVID-19 and the families left behind deserve what little solace we can offer them. They died by neglect, by ego-inflamed ignorance that amounts to domestic terrorism. Where’s their 9/11 memorial?

Help me out with my calculations here, math majors. If The Vietnam Wall is approximately 150 meters long and memorializes some 58,000 souls, how far would we have to build in order to commemmorate all of our fellow Americans who lost their lives to incompetence in service to an aspiring autocrat?

The Vietnam Wall varies in height from 10 feet at its peak down to just eight…

All rights © Darren Halstead. Washington, DC

Anthropologist Margaret Mead famously said a healed femur bone was the first evidence of human civilization. Not mere existence, but civilized society. That excavated bone — the proof that someone somewhere had healed an injured member of their tribe, helped them survive while they couldn’t contribute to the whole, would be followed by stone tools and bronze jewelry, ceramics, writing implements, art, and evidence of the evolution from nomadism to agricultural societies to industrialization.

And when the space archeologists of the future return from Elon Musk’s Martian pod colony to excavate Trump’s America they will find metaphors among the ruins…

Senj, Kroatien. All rights © Ante Hamersmit

We will never achieve equality if only moms are telling only their daughters, You can be anything you want to be when you grow up. Yes. Every generation this becomes more true. But it will never be universal if the workplace changes but the homefront never does.

Dads must tell their sons, You need to do half the household management and half the housework. They need to model it. Our shared cultural values need to reflect that a “real man” pulls his weight at home. …

Heather M. Edwards

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