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Tocantins, Brazil. All rights © Vald Tchompalov

An Afghan man falls from a cargo plane heading for Qatar and a sparrow’s nest falls from a walnut tree next to the creek.

Another Afghan falls from the C-17. A teenager the whole world mourns because the media made him human. Zaki Anwari was a real person. This young…

Convicted Killer Derek Chauvin Isn’t the Only Problem. We Need More than One Solution.

All rights © Tito Texidor III

It shouldn’t have taken America ten hours of jury deliberation, 14 days of trial, and 45 witnesses to unanimously decide whether or not to convict a murderer of murder.

And Americans shouldn’t be debating with any seriousness whether a Black woman’s words are more dangerous than a white man’s violence…

Heather M. Edwards

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