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Craig Partain! I read your comment to my sister, fellow child of the 80s, and her mouth slowly started to drop, just like mine did. “Mic drop” was all she was able to say. The only thing more shocking to me than this revelation is that I’m still able to be shocked at how ingrained rape culture is in our media and in my own mind.

The idea that pimping, harassment and brainwashing are just the same sly antics as ordering a pizza and having it delivered during class is exactly the problem. And I literally never thought anything was weird when I watched every. single. episode. Boys will be boys and popular cool guys do cool stuff. So “Zack Morris” as pop-culture shorthand for “cool” is really just the envy of entitled 80s incels.

Thank you for the bubble-bursting. Zack Morris is trash indeed.

That Time Zack Morris Prostituted Lisa to Pay a Credit Card Bill

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