Greetings, I am an Army brat and fellow Catholic. Thank you for your service and your important questions.

  1. Let me clarify that the majority of Mexicans most certainly are not Caucasian. And that is a problematic term unless you are specifically referring to the Caucasus region.
  2. There are racist Mexicans just as there are racist Americans. But definitively ranking them isn’t scientifically possible. Unless some billionaire wanted to waste obscene money in a very peculiar survey that would likely rely on self-reported data anyway determining “more” or “less” racist is subjective at best.
  3. I really like this question about number of potential future citizens because I hadn’t thought of that before. Excellent point. And it is exactly the kind of questions the relevant cabinet departments and legal jurisdictions need to be convening to answer. We need to devote expertise to determine those answers. I’m not the expert. I’d punt to the State Department first.

But when our Catholic ancestors were fleeing Protestant persecution I’m just grateful Ellis Island was open. I wouldn’t exist otherwise.

It would be amazing if we could redirect the money we spend on foreign intervention to hiring more judges for immigration courts and assigning attorneys to asylum seekers. The backlog across the country is staggering.

We also need to move the 61 federal immigration courts from under the jurisdiction of the executive branch to the judicial in order to appropriately evaluate each case. I think this might be where our most accurate numbers would come from.

If we can create a comprehensive directory of visa categories for preferential employment-based immigrant groups, (Priority workers [First], Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability [Second], Professionals and Other Workers [Third], Certain Special Immigrants: [Fourth], Employment Creation/Investors [Fifth]) I know we can streamline the criteria and process for refugees and asylum seekers. Preferential ranking could be given to countries we’ve invaded, occupied or otherwise disrupted. That list is long and complicated.

The question is do we have the collective will to do so. And I think we already know the answer.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your questions.

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