Hi Robert Moore, thank you for sharing your perspective. Would you mind sharing the sources for your stats? It’s been my understanding that the majority of domestic job loss and job displacement is due to automation, outsourcing abroad and the inevitable economic evolutions of changing industries. In fact, many industries owe their “sustainability” to heavy government subsidization that artificially prolongs their marketability while protecting the jobs of those working in these declining industries.

And I’ve not seen anything that attributes “mass” immigration to increased housing prices? While affordable housing certainly does seem to be increasingly scarce I don’t know that the immigrants taking lower wages are able to afford these increasingly high-priced rentals, let alone place competitive bids on houses for sale.

Working class and poor Americans definitely suffer from decreased access to education and health care, which I would argue have a far more detrimental impact on their livelihood and quality of life — the two things immigrants come to America for, especially when fleeing violence.

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