I don’t think any facts or events would “justify” her style because I have different priorities for her program than she does.

Because I think she’s savvy and compassionate enough to change the hearts and minds of some of the hate-mongers, the audacious new normal, I’m frustrated and disappointed that the obvious priority is catering to ratings. I have to remind myself that cable news is a moneymaker not an impartial clearinghouse for information dissemination.

A news program that steeped in a particular agenda might as well promote strategies for change instead of just scoffing at all the bewildering wrongness around us. We already know the administration is a dumpster fire. We already think collusion, sexism, racism, xenophobia, Islamaphobia and fraud are egregious wrongs. So what should we do about those wrongs besides rage?

If we are going to AaronSorkin (now a verb) the SarahPalins (synonym for immoral absurdities) of our country, that needs to be a first and diagnostic step — not a mere observational conclusion in and of itself. It is an outstanding article by the way. Thank you for that.

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