I would make the worst defense attorney. The courtroom is a marketplace where defendants are entitled to the best defense money can buy. And “best defense” has come to equal not guilty or acquitted rather than just fair and accurate representation. It seems that anyone can be innocent if they pay enough for their freedom. Again, I haven’t read the transcripts and make no claims about the defendant’s guilt or innocence. I just find the tactics unethical even if they remain legal.

I’m as idealistic as I am cynical. I want to live in a world where a trial is an opportunity to pursue truth justice rather than trickery and manipulating perspectives to exploit regressive social double standards. I despise the Mary/Madonna dichotomy or the implication that only virgins can be raped. Or that only men who rape virgins should be prosecuted. In the absence of forensic evidence it puts the plaintiff’s character on trial rather than the defendant’s actions.

I don’t disagree with you. But I’m wholey disheartened by how much I do agree.

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