I’m disinclined to respond to anyone with the username “joe stalin”. Especially when that person is speaking out against injustice. If you chose that username, change it. If it is your given name, my apologies.

But I’ll proceed as though you don’t think the slaughter of an estimated 20+ million Russians is immaterial.

  1. No group is a monolith. I don’t speak for all white “liberals”. I don’t even speak for all white girls who’ve been taken advantage of by (typically older but not always) entitled men exploiting a power differential — which is the point of this article.
  2. This white “liberal” hasn’t talked about Ed Buck or his victims because I’d never heard of him until I read your comment.
  3. Upon reading about him I am legit sci-fi horrified. There aren’t enough Mengele adjectives to describe what I read.
  4. Buck’s victims all seem to come from marginalized demographics, likely why he targets them. Gay, homeless, HIV-positive Black men are not the media darlings that missing or dead white girls are. The media is just one more entity that disproportionately undervalues Black lives. It’s unconscionable.
  5. One man doing Tuskegee terrible things does not mean other bad things aren’t simultaneously happening. All of them should be exposed and discussed. One article at a time.

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