Jay, I can’t even begin to thank you for both sharing your experience and for your kind words. 127 countries?! I thank you for your measured kindness and your voice of experience after immersing yourself in so many different cultures.

The vast majority of attacks I get are indeed from “old white guys”, as you put it :) The other major demographic, and I suspect there is significant overlap, is faceless profiles with cryptic names who post none of their own original work but seem to solely clap and comment on (rage against) other work.

But you are correct, I don’t attack anyone. It never accomplishes anything. And when you see how defensive that demographic gets when a younger white woman just shares some anecdotal observations I can only imagine the vitriol if I were to hate-rage against anyone with the same menace they do.

And the phenomenon you describe about white people in advertising is one I’ve also noticed in lots of non-white majority places, particularly when I was living in Monterrey in the northeast of Mexico.

Thank you also for sharing a link to your blog. I think other readers would be interested in it too. Typically when someone posts a response as reasoned and compassionate and thorough as yours I always suggest that they a.) write a post of their own on that topic to drive traffic to their page too, and b.) that they send me a link to any of their writing :)

My best to you too! Wishing you many more adventures and traveling!

twitter @h_m_edwards unsplash @heathermedwards

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