Let me be clear: Wanting to fuck someone does not entitle you to fuck them. You don’t speak for all men any more than I speak for all women. And unless you’re a celebrity spokesperson you don’t speak for all of them either.

Remember when Harvey Weinstein told countless aspiring professionals to come up to his hotel suites to discuss their career trajectories and upcoming projects? But he exposed himself instead? Molested some and raped others? Sure. Maybe aaaall of them are lying.

Remember when Louis C.K. lured aspiring comedians to his studio or office or apartment to discuss their careers? And masturbated in front of them instead. Yeah.

  1. Simply going to anyone’s apartment, celebrity or not, is NEVER an implied promise for sex. A date is a date. It is the possibility of sex. It is the possibility of getting to know each other better to see if you want to proceed through any levels of sex.
  2. Drinking wine anywhere, someone’s apartment, a bar, a restaurant, the backseat of a car or in a fucking Honey Bucket, is NEVER an implied promise for sex. Again, it is the possibility. It is not a contractual fucking agreement. Consuming alcohol, even if, gasp! someone else paid for it, does not legally bind you to fuck them. What kind of time warp is this?
  3. I don’t care what 98% of Aziz Ansari’s intentions were. Again. I was writing about Michael Bolton lyrics from the 80s. But his lyrical friendship with the woman in the song was not an “implied promise” for sex, love, romance or a relationship. Yet he was broken-hearted when she pursued those things with someone she was attracted to.
  4. Being “incredibly stupid” doesn’t entitle anyone to fuck you.

Let’s stop with the righteous indignation. It’s misplaced. And Aziz Ansari has nothing to do with Michael fucking Bolton.

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