moshe Kerr, first and foremost where you are from is immaterial because everyone’s opinions are welcome here no matter where they call home.

  1. No one said anything about your age.
  2. Mexico is not in the Middle East. This article had nothing do with the roles Britain, France and Russia have historically played in the Middle East. Focus.
  3. This article is about Mexico. I currently live here and have been visiting different parts of the country for 20 years. So I’m not a knotted-panties reactionary who has never visited the country I’m writing about.
  4. If you’re implying that people cannot form opinions about countries based on what they read in newspapers then likewise your opinion about my country, (or countries, if we count Mexico as my home away from home), can only be shallow and reactionary. And “truly offensive” were I the easily offended type.

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