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moshe Kerr, if you randomly stopped by an article about Mexican teenagers saying nice things about Trump to make fun of Arab pronunciation of one letter (so random!) my page is not the place to do it. Jog on. You sound like one of those monolingual Americans who gets mad when someone doesn’t speak perfect English — when you’re visiting their country and don’t speak a word of that country’s language.

Anyone who has attempted to learn a foreign-to-them language knows there are THOUSANDS of languages still spoken today — some estimates as high as 7,100+. Of course there is complexity and nuance among them. There are English sounds that Spanish speakers can’t pronounce — like most of my name. And they typically transpose the B and V. But since working with Spanish speakers on their pronunciation was a part of my job as an English teacher that would be more closely related to the point of this article.

This comment thread has meandered far from its simple original point which was just my surprise that eight Mexican teenagers thought Trump was a “good guy”.

This article had nothing to do with Arab pronunciation of random letters, (btw, there are so many phonemes in Semitic languages that Americans cannot pronounce. I’ve tried! It’s so bad it’s embarrassing), and it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with UN Resolutions, immigration or refugee policy. It has nothing do with civil rights for legal citizens versus basic human decency regardless of statehood. Focus. And be kind.

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