My apologies for never responding to this. It was lodged in the back of my mind but I couldn’t find it.

Thank you for not calling me a libtard (or worse). And you’re welcome for not calling you a Nazi. I’m so sorry that our public discourse has come to a point where that is something we both appreciate because of its increasing rarity.

I have questions on two topics based on your response.

  1. Do you think the “leftist” media is alone in biased reporting?
  2. Months later do you still dislike the left’s treatment of the sitting president more than the decisions this president is making? Do you think it is comparable to/worse than the right’s treatment of the previous president? Do you still agree with his policies and judge appointments?

Thank you for contributing to the conversation!

My best to you.

twitter @h_m_edwards unsplash @heathermedwards

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