My fellow Christian, I grew up in the military and have three cops in my family. And a firefighter. I had nothing but respect for the uniform of anyone who risks their lives to protect or help us. I was initially offended by Black Lives Matter posts. I reposted the first Blue Lives Matter post I saw because I thought people were disregarding the risks our LEO take and the sacrifices they and their families make.

I couldn't imagine that people would look at cops with fear instead of admiration the way I always had. And then I saw that Black people were being killed by cops. One cell phone video after another burst my naive bubble that not all cops act honorably and some commit crimes while wearing the badge. I was stunned.

I truly had no idea until the Ferguson protests six years ago when Michael Brown Jr. was murdered by a white police officer.

Not only were they being killed, no one was being charged. I thought Trayvon Martin was the exception, not just one more victim of a horrifying epidemic.

The terms "virtue signaling" and "white guilt" are too "newspeak" for me to address but I will say that this tragic story is just the first portal for many of our fellow white people who had no idea how widespread, how systemic racially motivated injustice is - what a different country our fellow Americans live in.

I wrote this piece two and a half years ago - in response to these countless cases of police brutality and police even killing innocent people. Two years later George Floyd is NOT EVEN CLOSE to an isolated incident, as anyone with an internet connection can see :(

Breonna Taylor’s murderers still haven’t been charged. She was an EMT asleep in her bed when she was gunned down.

Tony McDade was murdered in May and no one has been arrested. Wilbon Woodard, Mychael Johnson. God's children.

The story is not over. It's just finally being told in public. People are maxed out on injustice. And finally everyone is listening <3

May God bless you and keep you, my friend.

twitter @h_m_edwards unsplash @heathermedwards

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