My friend. The point of this article, as I say in conclusion, is that it’s not appropriate in that setting to share my political views with the students. So I didn’t.

To address the rest:

  1. RE: Obama, you don’t know what I believe as I have never written about him or his administration. I don’t think I’ve even referenced him in a single article. But I would argue that the surge in torch-carrying white nationalist protests and racist violence is a more alarming rise of zealotry than anything I’ve seen from Obama supporters.
  2. Nor do you know anything about my conservative politics as I haven’t written about that either.
  3. You are correct, however, in that I “stridently” oppose the current administration. But I do not hate the president. I am deeply disturbed by his lack of compassion and competence, as well as his basic lack of humanity and basic lack of professionalism. I’m assuming we will disagree on these points no matter how many examples I were to list.
  4. I too think Mexico is a great country. That’s why I go several times every year, sometimes for extended visits. I agree that it could be “greater” if it were allowed to “thrive” — though that statement could apply to any country or even any individual. My assumption is that most people would rather stay with their families in their own country and community if their economic prospects were better. So I don’t know if the “Left”’s priority is to get “as many here as possible”. I want as many people to be able to earn a living wage in their own community and live with their own families as possible.
  5. But I’m also concerned about those fleeing violence in Central America and anywhere else in the world and think our country is great enough to welcome those who need shelter and safety.
  6. Final point — I assume you mean that Islam imperils us all? Not imperials? I am concerned about the religious zealotry of anyone who radicalizes their religious teachings to manufacture their own violent conclusions and imperatives.

Thank you for reading! Wishing you well. h

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