No apologies necessary! All passionate experience/dialogue is welcome.

I see your point with the all lives matter. It’s a solid parallel but I don’t completely agree — only because I’m not willing to wait around for “eventually”. I would rather contribute to a momentum I will live to benefit from. Even if it’s a redirect. And if not me, my niece needs to live in a better world than what we’re currently navigating.

And yes, excellent point — #NotAllDads to be certain. But my dad’s unspoken-feminism-as-lifestyle gives me hope.

But it’s not just men that are defensive. I see women of all demographics being as put off by the f-word as old white men. It doesn’t resonate with them. This is partially because the movement has been successful enough that they haven’t had to fight the same way generations before us did. They’ve benefitted from historical sacrifice and all of the freedoms that have been earned for us.

For another perspective I came across a great article that completely contradicts my idea. I (and 64k claps) found it outstanding:

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