No one wants to legislate morality. And the problem is that we’re all arguing divergent ethics. The people who don’t find racism, misogyny, xenophobia, sexism, and the caging of human beings to be morally reprehensible scare me. Our righteous indignation annoys or amuses them, or both.

So my concern/hope was that we have to do more than publicly lick our wounds if we’re going to get those people out of cages.

We need to legislate a more comprehensive immigration/refugee/asylum policy — and fund it — so that pundits aren’t making normative arguments and we’re not just sitting here wringing our hands and trying to convince racists to be humane.

If it is illegal to cage immigrants then the talking heads can report on their shows, “The Department of Justice is facing a complex battle of jurisdictions today after US Marshals arrested local police for illegally detaining 147 people trying to cross the border. A federal judge has ordered the transfer of the 147 people, most of whom are dehydrated and hungry, many of whom are injured and fleeing violence. They will be sent to immigration housing where they will receive the necessary medical attention before getting assigned attorneys and court dates for asylum or immigration hearings. The police officers have all been placed on unpaid leave pending trial.”

Instead, pundits from both sides are trying to make their respective cases.

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