No thanks. If you think targeting and stalking innocent people for premeditated homicide on a week-long stakeout is a no-big-deal way to process your anger your worldview doesn’t sound law-abiding. What if he had done something before he “caught himself”? I know you’re not saying murder would’ve been ok because it was 40 whole years ago.

Old white men need to get over their knee-jerk defensiveness for other old white men. It’s like a reflex. Unless you also think it would be no big deal for a Black man to sit around and muse about that one time he stalked white men specifically hoping to kill a white man, any white man, because he was “justifiably mad”. That might negate any racial double standard lurking in your defensiveness but it still normalizes violence. Does everybody get to “lash out” this way when they’re “justifiably mad”?

I’m grateful no innocent men were killed while Neeson purposely put himself in situations where he hoped he would be antagonized in order to indulge his moral crisis at the expense of others.

twitter @h_m_edwards unsplash @heathermedwards

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