OtreboR, yes, always happy to have dialogue. Though your response kind of reads like scattershot, I will attempt to navigate your many points and reiterate mine :)

Yes, it is offensive to say that an entire country and its society is “without any cultural education” or without “any feeling about art, music and culture in general.” That is a staggering damnation of a very diverse society with an enormous population. Stereotyping is indeed offensive. And implying that our “genetic legacy” is at fault smacks of a eugenic superiority I assume you didn’t intend?

With more than 300 million people the US has genetic legacies from all over the world. As I often say, American is not an ethnicity. And as our population grows and changes fewer Americans have Puritan roots anyway. Though it is indeed one strand of our cultural legacy, we most certainly do not have one genetic legacy.

And just as we have no single genetic legacy nor are we defined by what our government or wealthiest elite do to maintain dominance. While this topic is a far cry from what my article was about I will say that most Americans I know are heartbroken by our foreign policy and domestic neglect of our own infrastructure. But again, that is a radically different topic than Courbet’s painting — one that requires much more nuance than one American’s opinion about one painting.

And I don’t know what you mean by pleonasm in this context. Perhaps you intended another word? I don’t know whether or not the US is the biggest producer of pornography, though that wouldn’t surprise me. My interest, however, is who the biggest consumers are. Like drugs, that is a demand-driven market. Again, this is a different topic than Courbet’s painting.

I will conclude by reiterating the original point of my article: I do not think nudity = pornography. And if you reread the comments above you will see a painting I included by my own grandmother with nudity I consider very beautiful. I thought I stated this clearly. So I hope with my note here that you will acknowledge that despite the increasingly distant history of American Puritanism, I consider nudity in art as a spectrum. Sometimes it’s beautiful. Sometimes it’s unnecessary and adds no artistic integrity. In this very specific painting, I consider it extraneous. That was the main point of my article.

Thank you for reading! My best to you, h

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