Supreme Court Justice Aunt Lydia

Aunt Lydia in The Handmaid’s Tale. All rights © Hulu.

Trump and the Senate Republicans are changing the lyrics from their 2016 greatest hit to rush the confirmation of an Aunt Lydia to replace RBG before the election.

A woman! He promises. We can forgive a little hypocrisy if we’re promised someone female, right? Surely a woman will have our best interests at heart.

A woman who will take very good care of her girls. A righteous woman who knows what’s best for us. And like a good Christian mother, she will do what’s best for us whether we like it or not.

So by all means, grab that pious woman by the pussy and put her on the bench before the election! We promise to be good girls.

Whether it’s Amy Coney Barrett or Barbara Lagoa or a shirtless Ted Nugent in a lace jabot he stole from RBG, the only pick the far-right will expedite is an Aunt Lydia, an ideologue, a placeholder who will anchor a radical conservatism on the bench.

She will smooth your hair and cup your face, cluck sympathetically while she upholds the architecture of your destruction. Sound dramatic? Dystopian? That’s because it is.

Radical conservatives do not differ appreciably enough from the fictional Gilead and the America they are trying manufacture.

In The Handmaid’s Tale, a self-appointed moral “majority” subjugates women by classifying and ranking them according to their usefulness to men — wives, whores, housekeepers or “two-legged wombs”.

Margaret Atwood wrote the novel in 1985 but it feels more plausible and less fictitious now than it did 35 years ago.

Gilead seems like the America Trump wants. The America the MAGA extremists want. Maybe the red hats really do want us to wear red capes for white supremacy.

But we dissent.

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was quoted as saying just before she passed.

She didn’t say she wanted to be replaced by a woman, some woman, any woman.

She wanted the next president to make this lifetime appointment because she didn’t think Trump represented enough Americans. She wanted a president who would choose a justice that represents all Americans — not a woman who would kowtow to bottle-blonde Stepford-wife America at the expense of already marginalized people.

The woman we lost, that American hero wouldn’t want a nominee who disenfranchises voters or refuses to recuse herself in cases with conflict of interest. In short, she wouldn’t want an unethical judge on any bench, let alone the Supreme Court.

This woman right here believes the Constitution is a living document. I want a Supreme Court Justice who believes in constructionism that will evolve with us instead of mooring us to the past.

But I don’t represent all women or all Americans any more than a Trump nominee would. Women are not a monolith. We are not interchangeable. We don’t want to be discriminated against for being women but nor do we want to be pigeonholed for that second X chromosome — that is to say, we don’t want to fill your quota with our pussies. Our education and our experience qualify us, not our genitalia or mammary glands.

We want an intelligent compassionate justice who will fight for equality of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all Americans, not just a female-shaped human indebted to her puppeteers for particle-accelerating her to the highest court.

We don’t want a puppet of any gender.

We didn’t object to kegstand Kavanaugh because he was a man or because he likes beer. Even if you chose not to believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, we objected to Kavanaugh because he was histrionic and failed to demonstrate professionalism or basic decorum even during his “job interview”. Yet the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a tantrum-throwing finger-pointing man child, a hot snotty mess who by all accounts seemed to feel entitled to a seat on the Supreme Court whether the American people wanted him there or not.

Whether the nominee is a man or a woman, whether they are nominated by Trump or Biden we want judicial temperament.

We want representation for all Americans.

We want no less than a justice who will adjudicate fairly between where your freedom ends and the rights of your fellow Americans begin.

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