Thank you, Stephantasy. And not that anyone is demanding explanations or recommendations from me but I think I would only feel compelled to defend my book choices to librarians.

But for heartfelt travel fluff I’m always going to recommend Honeymoon With My Brother over EPL. What the author lacks in writing skill or a consistent style he more than makes up for in pure storytelling. It is equal parts relationship and personal growth, escapism and homecoming.

Have you read Shantaram? It’s my favorite “novel” and it reads like an autobiography. It is far too (physically) heavy to travel with but it’s its own adventure.

(And I too travel with chronic back pain and an anxiety disorder. I never leave home without them ;) I’m glad you found companionship in the story while you were struggling. I’m always grateful for the books that keep us company and even carry us sometimes.)

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