Thank you, yes. The following sedimentary layers of bullshit are even more insulting given that they likely wouldn’t apply to women who “accidentally” ruin men’s lives and careers.

  1. Some simply deny they did anything wrong. Sociopaths like Weinstein then pay people to sabotage the careers of his accusers.
  2. Some admit what they did but claim they didn’t know their behavior was wrong and hope the money-spending public believes their lies.
  3. Others admit what they did but claim their victims misinterpreted.
  4. They are sorry they got caught, not for what they did. The performative apologetics should be relatively easy for actors.
  5. If they hadn’t got caught I’m willing to bet each derelict would keep pursuing his perversion of choice from masturbating in front of people all the way to raping them.

We’ve got a long way to go toward safety, let alone equality.

twitter @h_m_edwards unsplash @heathermedwards

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