Touché. I did call a former celebrity crush an asshole. But if I’m being perfectly honest I find my name-calling of a specific racist individual to be an accurate denouncement and I find your general name-calling of an amorphous group of unspecified individuals to be more knee-jerk reactionary-ism (I don’t think that’s a word but it should be.)

But thank you for pointing it out. I’m gonna spend some time trying to figure out if I’m being a hypocrite. Or does the distinction between balling out a specific person for their specific actions versus labeling a whole group make the difference? Either way, perhaps the name-calling weakens my overall point and I shouldn’t have.

And thank you for the links to your articles. I definitely get the same sense of your original frustration. But I do reiterate that your original claim of this rampant phenomenon of Black sex offenders enjoying preferential silent treatment from all left-leaning media would be much more credible if you named the men not being burned at the same stake as white men.

Here again is my article excoriating R. Kelly. Protecting the wealth and power of the wealthy and powerful is the most overarching agenda I see.

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