Touché. You make solid points.

Examples from episodes I watched over Christmas break include: “that guy from the Poconos”, “some guy no one’s ever heard of”, “big national freakout”, “it sounds nuts!”, and, as I did mention, “freaking” as an adjective throughout entire episodes.

And this opening sequence lacks journalistic objectivity even as she goes on to elucidate crucial facts we need to know.

My main problem isn’t the deliberately casual chatting-with-friends language. It’s the performative outrage. Hence all my adjectives and verb synonyms above about her sound effects and body language. It’s not what she says but how she says it.

If she changed her performance style her script might be considered by those outside my echo chamber — those that I desperately wish would listen to her analysis so they too could put critical information in the broader (dire) context.

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