Yes, of course. And thank you for reading. I always try to respond to the thoughtful intelligent folks who engage with the topic at hand.

In this case, commenters have actually changed my mind. One reader, who unfortunately deleted his comment, very articulately explained that there was no point in trying to convert the Tomi Lahrens of the world. And that Rachel Maddow doesn’t need to change her performance to reach them because they’re not watching anyway.

This downward spiral of anti-intellectualism vastly predates trump. I remember hearing people deriding Al Gore because he “thinks he’s smarter than …” Smarter than whom they never really specified. And whenever I’d reply that I 1000% want a president who is *substantially* smarter than I am it was never met by much more than a dismissive shrug. And then they’d continue talking about how smug he was.

In some ways I think TV and the cult of entertainment is to blame. When people used to have to go to town halls and listen to statesmen debate each other candidates had to be intelligent orators. Now people seem to prefer a beer buddy who doesn’t make them feel threatened.

All that being said, I agree with you. Not all reporting is equally valuable. And catering to anyone amused by injustice and inhumanity is a fool’s errand. But I still have my foolish tendencies and will likely keep trying in instances where I think there’s a chance of getting through to someone.

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