Gauguin’s “Autoportrait avec portrait de Bernard, ‘Les Misérables’”, 1888. Dedicated to Van Gogh
Gauguin’s Woman with a Flower, 1891; Road in Tahiti, 1891; Self-Portrait with Halo and Snake, 1889
  1. Assholes Get a Pass If They’re Artists. Regardless of their treatment of the people in their lives, artists, typically male, are revered in the retrospective of their lives and their work irrespective of their misogyny, pedophilia, or general misanthropy. We beatify Great Men who create Great Art and sanitize or even outright absolve their personal sins so we can consecrate their creative contributions to society. Because we believe they make us better.
  2. Art will always matter more than the artist. The list of misogynists and pedophiles revered in the art world is likely as long as human history is old. And American pop culture dovetails this European art tradition with our actors, musicians and Hollywood heavy hitters — Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., R. Kelly …
Les Seins aux fleurs rouges, 1899 oil painting by Gauguin and 24k Magic by Bruno Mars, 2016

“His brilliant oeuvre demanded human sacrifices,’’ his granddaughter said.

And yet, I still want to frame this promotional poster from the exhibition we saw at the Museée Picasso in Paris last year. That’s right. I want to decorate with my own hypocrisy. Because I adore this poster and I have fond memories of that exhibition. (We missed the Olga Picasso exhibition by one day.)

Gustave Courbet’s The Painter’s Studio, 1855, Museé d’Orsay and Julian Wasser’s “Marcel Duchamp Playing Chess with a Nude”, 1963

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