You, dear stranger, are my evidence. You are unleashing a diatribe about Aziz Ansari on a woman who wrote about Michael Bolton lyrics. Focus. You have veered way off topic without any of your own evidence. You have no evidence that life in “modern times” is EASIER for women yet you imply that we have all the advantages.

Your comments have almost nothing to do with 80s lyrics about a man who pretended to be friends with a woman and broke his own heart, but exploring ideas that are loosely under the same umbrella is part of an important larger discussion. So thank you for your perspective. Here is mine.

  1. Sick fucks: Wanting sex is not the same thing as expecting sex, pressure for sex or manipulating a power position to get sex. Calm down. Literally no one is trying to criminalize desire so ease up on the all-caps alarmism. The problem is what the sick fucks — and you know they exist — do with that desire.
  2. Where is anyone saying women can’t call men jerks? See your own comment. You didn’t even “let” me call Michael Bolton a jerk without running in full-speed from left field screaming about Aziz Ansari. You couldn’t stay on topic without making a different and unrelated topic “the real issue”.
  3. Men who are not powerful or wealthy do not deserve to lose their careers over false accusations any more than the wealthy and powerful. Financial and social status are irrelevant if the “real issue” is the dire lack of empathy all men are apparently suffering from.
  4. But what of the wealthy powerful men who have admitted guilt? Do we need to waste time and money on trials? Or can they just see themselves to the door? Kevin Spacey (sort of) and Louis C.K. forfeited their careers, they didn’t lose them.
  5. No one owes anyone room for “error or misunderstanding” if someone “accidentally” commits a crime like rape, endangering a child or indecent exposure, (Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K.).
  6. If the “real issue” is powerful men losing their careers and not their victims, you are the one lacking empathy.
  7. RE: jerks on dates (who haven’t committed crimes), I agree that anyone irritated by a date’s behavior needs to cut that person off and move on.

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