Your source cites that “Mestizo (Amerindian/European)” constitutes 62% of the Mexican population. Europe is a continent, not one single ethnicity. The Caucasus is a region between the Black and Caspian seas that has not had any significant emigration to Mexico. That’s why I said the term “Caucasian” is problematic. Its connotation has diverged from its actual denotation. So unless you mean the Amerindian lineage who “are thought to be direct descendants of the earliest migrants who crossed the Bering land bridge in the last ice age”, (according to your source), Mexicans are not Caucasian, though possibly distantly descended from the complete opposite side of Russia via the Bering Land Bridge Theory.

As is well known, the majority of the European descent, as it also states in your source, is from Spain — Iberian, not Caucasian. Your source does reference small percentages of African and Asian descent, and there are small communities of Germans, Japanese and Lebanese here, especially in and around Mexico City. I was also surprised to learn about small Canadian Mennonite communities here.

And yes, I would argue we do need to speed up all legal processes with years-long backlogs. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution entitles people to the right to a “speedy and public trial”. If criminals are entitled to due process I think it is only ethical that civil plaintiffs and defendants, “the accused shall enjoy the right” to the same.

And we definitely disagree on this point: “being poor and desperate is not enough to grant residency in the USA. If it was, we will be forced to accept hundreds of millions.” No, we can’t accept everyone. But accepting no one is not the answer either. And accepting the poor and huddled masses is the American tradition. Serving “the least of these” is a Catholic teaching that does not stipulate citizenship requirements.

The Corporal Works of Mercy, based on Gospel teachings, literally call us to shelter the homeless, clothe the naked and give food and water to the hungry and thirsty. The Spiritual Works of Mercy call us to comfort the afflicted and to visit the imprisoned or ransom captives. These aren’t metaphors. I can’t think of a more literal example than asylum seekers in cages under bridges.

“Those leaving under duress created their own problems.” You have zero way of confirming this in 100% of the cases. And our government is enormously historically involved in creating the crises that are now leading to mass exoduses. So if your criterion for offering aid is innocence the majority of refugees have it.

“They were the “bad” people fleeing the “good” people.” Again. You have no way of confirming this in all cases nor are you the moral arbiter of humanity. Leave that to God.

“America is not a safe haven for wrong doers.” Um. Plenty of Americans are wrongdoers, do their wrongdoing in the US and evade the justice system. Should we deport them? Where to? Who decides which “wrongdoings” eradicate your basic human rights?

I am disheartened to hear such a lack of humanity for the “poor and desperate” from a fellow Catholic. I respect your right to your opinion. But I do not agree with your broad brushstrokes.

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